The Brigg, Chirton Grange, North Shields

Whitehouse Lane


Have you got a picture of this pub before it was knocked down? if so email it to (thanks)!

Although the address of The Brig was Chirton Grange, it was actually just inside the old boundary of Preston Township. It was built in about 1958 when Hylton Waril was landlord. He kept the pub for four years or so until John and Florence Bell took over.

Dennis and Margaret Wrathal were licensees for a short period in 1964 then George and Ruby Bell took over the next year, remaining in charge for about five years.

Later landlords were Matthew and Linda Dunn (1984-85), David H. Bails (1986-89) and Richard H.Upright who took over in 1990. His short tenancy was not without incident, according to reports in the local newspapers of the time.

Mr. Upright found himself in an extremely difficult situation one night when he was wakened by a lot of noise from inside the public area of the building. Two burglars, wearing ski masks and gloves had kicked their way into the premises and were attacking the various slot machines in an attempt to steal the money. An accomplice was waiting outside in a car with the engine running. Mr. Upright's first sight of the incident was when he looked out of his window and saw one man running away with the till and another with a bag of money. His first reaction was to attempt to prevent the crime and, for his trouble, he was arrested and two charges of wounding were made against him. In court, the jury was instructed to find him not guilty.

In 1993 Cameron's Brewery spent £55,000 on a programme of refurbishment and the Brig reopened on May 5th of that year with new landlords, Brian and Irene Guy.

In 1995 Colin and Geraldine Maughan took over the license followed by John Brewer and Sandra Steel.

Thanks to Sharon Fiddes for the picture above, Sharon was the last tenant of the Brigg and was there from 2003 to 2004 when asbestos was found and the pub had to be shut down pemantley, it got demolished soon after.

The building was demolished around 2004.