The Mansion House, Preston Village

The Mansion House is sometimes called the Manor House though it is doubtful whether it was actually home to the Lord of the Manor during feudal times the architectural style tells us that it was probably built after the Reform Act of 1832. The house was certainly built before 1861 when it appeared on the Ordnance Survey Map of that year but no records of its occupants have come to light prior to 1875 Charles Jenkins was resident.

Despite all this it is still a most impressive building one of which should be preserved in its original style. On the opposite side of Font Street to the Mansion House is a lane known as Bulman's Lane. This now leads to Roseberry Avenue, but in the 1880's was the path to the house of William Bulman- hence its name.

The building to the right of the Mansion House has its front door opening on to a lane called Post Office Lane